General Info

This website was opened on May 14th, 2005. The name 'Fractured Sanity' has no particular or deeper meaning, I just fancied the sound of it. The layout, the source-code and everything else you find on this website was done, made or created by me. If I used other resources for my creations or on the layout, you will find the © sign with a link.

Current Version

This version of Fractured Sanity was put online on December 26th, 2007. The making, which means the layout and the source-coding, took around 3 days on and off. To create this layout I used several resources, without whom I could not have made such a wonderful layout. I will list my resources below, make sure you read their 'Terms of Use', before using their creations!

Earlier Versions

Site tested in

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Knowledge & Tutorials

Image Material


Ultra Edit, Ultra FXP, File Zilla, Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Photoshop CS

Thank You

A big Thank You goes to the Members of the XHTML-Forum, who helped me when I had problems coding my layouts. They helped me converting Version 04 to W3C-standard and fix some bugs with this latest Version. A special thanks for helping me with this latest version goes to kampfgnom.

Miss your credit here?

As you see, I do all in my power to give proper credit to each website which resources/images/knowledge I used, and each person who helped me creating my layouts. But if you think I forgot to place your name or link on this page, feel free to contact me and I will add it.