You need website hosting, because your last one shut down or you are tired of your free host? You are good at fanart and source coding? Then feel free to ask!

I offer 25 to 50 mb of webspace and a subdomain of your choice at,, or An email-address is possible as well. The webspace supports PHP, CGI, etc. If you are interested, use the email form to contact me. You will get a friendly host, open to everything and who gives a helping hand when asked. I may sometimes bark, but I never bite!


there are some demands: I only accept fan/art-, fanfiction- or fellow resource- and tutorial-sites. Not accepted are anime and manga-sites, personal blogs, etc. Language of your site has to be English or German. The layout and source-coding of your site should be done by you, which means you have to know how to work with HTML and/or PHP and how to create a layout with them. It should not look like it was made with frontpage or any such program. You should have or get yourself a FTP-programm and know how it works: up- and downloading, creating folders, moving files, etc.

After receiving the FTP-login-data you need to put your site online within a period of 2 weeks - not complete but running. If you have a problem that keeps you from doing so, email me your reasons, maybe I can even offer help. I would ask you to update your site on regular basis, since I do not care to host dead sites.

If you have to go on hiatius, contact me please and give me your reasons, else I will remove your site after 12 weeks. Last but not least, I would very much appreciate a link back to this site somewhere on your main-page. Exceptions will be made for friends only or if you can give me a good reason. However, I am always open to talk about these conditions, so do not be shy and ask me.

My lovely Hostees

Marisol's Fanfictions - Marisol is an author of german Buffy-The Vampire Slayer-Fanfiction. The site's basics were coded by me, the rest and the layout was done by one of her friends. *

Skydancer - Skydancer belongs to a very dear friend of mine. She is mainly an author of Buffy-Fanfiction but also does some Fanart. The site was coded by me, the layout was created by herself *

Intuitive Art - You know Nexus? You know Intuitive Art? And now you think someone has copied her domain name? You could not be more wrong. After her hosting company closed down her webspace, she moved to stay with me. I feel honored to call her friend...

Buffydreams - Buffydreams is yet another new Fanfic-archive. It collects stories about the well known TV-series 'Buffy - The Vampire Slayer' (broadcasted 1997 - 2004).

Naeolia - This is the personal website and artfolio of Nicole, where she publishes her fanarts, manipulations and resources.

Aviva goes USA - This is the website of a friend of mine. She currently is living as an AuPair with an amercina family, in Chicago.*

* personal friend