on Fractured Sanity. This is a resource-site for graphic programs, such as Adobe Potoshop, offering you a wide range of brushes, textures, patterns and more. I also display some of my personal works here - art and poetry. Feedback is very much appreciated!

Brushes and other resources

As some of you might remember my last news, I have lost most of my news entries due to an update on my news-system "Cutenews". Most of the news entries I recovered or re-wrote, but not all. Thus, I decided to re-write the last news entries about the new resources I put online.

There are various sets of new xxl-brushes:
brushes brushes brushes brushes brushes
(For larger preview images, brushset and imagepack, click here)

I also photographed more than 20 new textures:
textures textures textures textures textures
(For larger preview images and download, click here)

Next weeks update will feature a batch of new stock photo material, consisting of animals (bugs, butterflies, bisons, ...) and several shots of an old tower. Be sure to check them out.

Pet Cemetery - Walkthrough

WalkthroughThis image is a so called walkthrough. A walkthrough shows the creation of an artpiece as/in a continuous process.

It has not instructions as to how to create a certain effect or other. It shows the developement of the piece and that may help some of you more, as any tutorial would.

I also recommend my 'Five steps to a good manipulation'-Tutorial. (Click image)

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