General Terms of Use

I will keep this as short as possible, I know it would bore you to death reading 101 rules. Also take care to read the T.o.U. for the individual resources to know what is allowed and what isn't. With using my creations (resources) you accept:

1.) Do not take any of my creations, be it resources, artworks or poetry, and pass them off as your own or made by you.

2.) Do not publish/offer my artworks, brushes, patterns, stock images, etc. elsewhere without my explicit permission. This means neither by hot- or directlinking them or by uploading them to your own webspace!

3.) You may use my creations, with the exception of my artwork, for creating layouts, fanart and such works, as long as it stays non-profit.

4.) You may not create own resources, using mine as a basis. You may only do so for personal use, for example making brushes for Gimp or other Photoshop versions from my imagepacks.

5.) If you want to use my creations for profit-work, you need to buy a license. You have two options: One-time-license (10 - 50 depending on the type of resource) means that you may use it for ONE speficied purpose, for example the cover of a CD or a book. Open-license (50 - 99 depending on the type of resource) means that once you have bought it, you may use the resource for as many of your future works as you like. If you are interested, contact me.

6.) My creations are linkware, so I would very much appreciate it if you credited/linked me on the sites and forums where you post your art(works).

7.) Do not hotlink/directlink* my creations - neither arts nor resources! Post a link to this site or send those who ask.

What is hotlinking and directlinking

Well to explain what I mean with hotlinking, I will first define the term 'bandwith'. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is used to transfer a webpage - html-/php-/css-pages, images, texts, sound-files, zip-files - from the website's webspace to the computer of a visitor. That also includes every link from another site to files on this website.

Hotlinking means taking images or other files from a website without permission, linking them directly from the owner's webspace to display or offer them on one's own website.

Linking them directly from the owner's webspace causes traffic (bandwith - in kb), because everytime somebody visits the site the images or files are (down)loaded from the owner's webspace.

Example: If an image has 20kb and the hotlinking site is visited a 100 times, that creates 2mb (100 x 20kb = 2000 kb) of traffic for the owner of the webspace from which it is linked. That is called bandwith theft.

It is simply a thing you should not do, because people who do not have sites on a free host, have to pay a monthly fee for their webspace and bandwith. If the latter gets exhausted, the site has to close down for the rest of the month.