friends Nicks: Midnight, Soulsister, Souly, Nightgraue
Realname: Evelyn
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 14th Sept. 1981
Sex: Female
Country: Germany
Hair:dyed blackbrown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Trainee Teacher (Primary School)
Favourite song: I wanna be a Rockstar - Nickelback
Favourite movie: Lord of the Rings Triology + more


German is my native language. I also speak English, as you surely have noticed by now. I learned English in school for nine years (1992-2001), but I had huge difficulties getting a grasp on the language. That changed after I gratuated from school, and when I started reading English books and fanfictions for fun - that was in 2002. Since then I became quite good at it, but I still make sometimes really stupid spelling or grammar mistakes. So, just keep in mind that English is not my native language. When you find those nasty little mistakes, you may keep or adopt them (or let me know). No, I was just kidding...


I am referring to my Photoshop and HTML/PHP-skills here. Everything is self-taught, I never actually learned these things in school or a university; and I seldom read any tutorials on Photoshop or Webdesign. Learning by doing or rather - trial and error - that is the way I work and learn. This might be frustrating at times, but one gets a lot of knowledge out of this process. I know that there are thousands of people out there on the internet, who are way better than I am, but I do not let that frustrate me. It's a motivation to advance my skills. And - that is important to me - all you see on this website has been done or created by me. Sometimes I create resources by accidently creating/achieving effects, but also by actively searching for a way to achieve a certain effect; for example: my tutorials.

Other Interests

Computer-Freak, Internet-Lover, Adobe Photoshop-User, Digital-Artist, Television-Junkie, Phone-Addict, English-loving-Freak, Fanfic-Author /-reader and obviously Lord of the Rings-obsessed. Sorry can't help it. That's just little me.

What you should know about me

My self-esteem isn't exactly on the highest level, sometimes I feel self-conscious. But neither am I lacking self-confidence completely! It's something in between.

I am a kind and caring person, very hard to anger and fast to forgive. 'Open-minded' some would describe me, I do not know if that is true. What do you think?! What I know, is that I easily form friendships.

But I want to be honest, I can also be a stupid bitch sometimes, who does not think situations through before acting on them. Feelings get hurt, though never intended, and actions backfire. But, doing such things on purpose? Never!!! And, it hasn't happend very often, to be honest, but happen it did.

Here are some more facts about me: Everything I do, I do with a passion, because I dedicate myself to the process. I am ambitious I guess, because I always try to finish what I once started and because I want to become better in everything I do. Why? Over-ambitious certainly and sometimes, maybe, a little jealous about other people's talent. But, you know what (?), in the end I always come to the conclusion that they worked as hard or harder than I did/do. And, nobody can know or do everything.

Hm... right now I am not sure if there is anything more to say about me. When I come up with something, I will surely add it.